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The goal of DesignTools project is to provide free and open source CAD, CAM and EDA programs and utilities with a primary emphasis on correctness. Engineering time is expensive, so your tools must always operate correctly and safely. Your tools should also provide validation and alert you to possible design mistakes before such problems become very expensive. The DesignTools project will provide software tools in the following general areas:

  • CAD - Computer Aided Design
  • CAM - Computer Aided Manufacturing
  • EDA - Electronic Design Automation
  • DFM - Design For Manufacture
  • DFT - Design For Test
  • DFA - Design For Assembly


2006.03.26  -  Sunday  -  J.C. Roberts
Due to a user request from Andrew Riley, support has been added (and tested) for Allegro PSD 14.2 version. This required very little work and prompted me to make some needed extensions of the installer/uninstaller code to accommodate the older versions as well as different products (i.e. librarian, APD, etc.). Though PSD 15.0 and 15.1 have not actually been tested, I've been through their documentation and made the adjustments needed for these particular versions so they should also work just fine.

2006.03.25  -  Saturday  -  J.C. Roberts
We've got a new release today and it includes a new end user program called the "Rotator" which does bulk rotation of text in your designs. It's a time saving tool for anyone who deals with silks or if you use the Cadence "Module" feature in your designs.

The new release also includes enhancements to the Configurator and a great deal of "Behind The Sceens" work on the various code libraries. Also, work has also continued on the unreleased Deliver program and progress has been steady.

2006.03.18  -  J.C. Roberts
I was initially expecting to simply start adding existing programs to the project source tree but a friend asked me to make developing the new "Deliver" program a priority simply because he needs it. In general, that's just how I work. If you need something, a feature or whatever, let me know and I'll see what can be done.

Basically, this means work has continued on improving infrastructure, augmenting libraries and adding featues as well as development of the new "Deliver" program that requires all the new infrastructure stuff.

I'm going to hold off on making a new release until I've got the new program finished and tested. The additions to the libraries and infrastructure just don't add anything for end users, so there's little point in a new release until there's something new for you to use.

2006.03.13  -  J.C. Roberts
Started incorporating ideas and feedback from Ryan Russell regarding experience level needed to just understand the program documentation. Details can be found in the new "Essentials" section.

Found and fixed a strange bug in the website generation code. According to the site logs, it seems someone has incorrectly linked to one of the pages and they just put too many slashes into the URL they created. The sites PHP code replicated the extra slashes which mildly broke a few things. Now, the site code will just remove the extra slashes and correct the URLs passed to it.

2006.03.12  -  J.C. Roberts
Current work is being done the Cadence SKILL libraries within the project source tree. Though there will be few if any changes visible to the end user, this work will make the libraries more "generic" so the libraries will useful with more Cadence products rather than just the Cadence PCB Editor (Allegro) tool chain. It will also facilitate expansion of the libraries to support more interesting end user features.

2006.03.03  -  J.C. Roberts
We have a new release today which includes a new program, the Configurator. This small program is a part of the infrastructure needed to handle configuration management. To be perfectly honest, since none of the other DesignTools applications have been wired into the new configuration framework, the Configurator by itself doesn't do much but in time it will.

2006.02.27  -  J.C. Roberts
The DesignTools project mailing lists are now available. There is one list just for relase announcements and a second list for user discussion and support.

2006.02.26  -  J.C. Roberts
I've done a simple license audit on the source tree, finding and changing the license on various files to the BSD style license you see posted in the site menu. If you find any source files still under a different license than the one found here on the site, please let me know, so I can change them.

Please realize the DesignTools project is volunteer effort and at the moment, consists of one (1) person writing all of the code, doing all of the testing, creating all of the documentation, incorporating feature requests from users as well as building and maintaining the entire website. If some part of the website seems a bit unfinished, it's simply because time is better spent working on the programs you came here to get.

You can help by simply letting me know about any mistakes (including spelling) or omissions on the site or in the programs. Contact information is under the "About" menu item.

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