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At the moment, there is no fixed release schedule but as things start off, development will be moving quickly, so you can expect very frequent updates. If you download, please sign up for at least the announce@DesignTools.org mailing list. List details can be found HERE. The announce mailing list is low traffic but is the only way to let you know about new releases and if need be, critical bug fixes.

The initial releases will be quite small, only a few utilities for the Cadence PCB Editor and the Cadence SKILL libraries they use. The most significant program in the initial releases will undoubtedly be "The Destubifier." This one program is alone worth your time to download and install the project code.

Currently Available

  • Cadence PCB Editor (Allegro)
    • SKILL Libraries
      • _DT_libMENUS
        Menu items (allegro commands), needed for menu driven execution.
      • _DT_libUIGUI
        User Interface and Graphical User Interface routines.
      • _DT_libUTILS
        Miscellaneous, commonly used utility routines.
    • SKILL Utilities
      • DT_install
        Handles all the installation of add-on software in for the Cadence platform, including menu modification and environment changes.
      • DT_uninstall
        Reverses the menu and environment changes made by the installer and removes add-on software.
    • SKILL Programs
      • Configurator - (DT_config)
        The Configurator is a small program allowing users and CAD Managers to deal with the complexity of configuration information. Though the Configurator is only a small piece of a larger puzzle, the tools will be designed to accomodate SITE, USER and FILE level configuration choices. (NOTE: At present, the Configurator doesn't do much on it's own but it is a needed piece of project infrastructure).
      • Destubifier - (DT_destub)
        The Desubifier is a board level validation program that will find problems that you never knew existed in your designs. You will probably want to read the documentation for it (see the left menu). It is written entirely in Cadence SKILL and it also has a super cool UI.
      • Memory-Monitor - (DT_memmon)
        This program was written when Cadence had a "small" memory leak problem in Allegro (PCB Editor) which lead to system crashes and loss of your valuable work. It runs in the background and keeps track of how much memory Allegro is currently using. If it gets close to the limit you set, then it gives you a warning so you can save your work.
      • Rotator - (DT_rotator)
        The Rotator program is designed to do bulk rotation of text in your design so you no longer need to waste hours manually rotating each chunk of text to the desired position. This is particularly helpful when you are starting to do silks or if you use Cadence "Modules" in your design that are imported at rotated positions.

  • Other stuff forthcoming...

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